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Cindy Manlove  

Joe Johnson

"Cindy and Joe" is all about vaginal fisting and pussy stretching. We're a couple in our 50's who love these activities and we've created several web sites where we provide factual information about these subjects. We also present free home-made amateur erotic pictures and video clips showing Cindy having sexy fun with her beautiful big pussy.

This web site contains three kinds of data associated with the "Cindy and Joe" activities on the Internet:

Information - These pages contain a huge amount of factual information about vaginal fisting and pussy stretching, in particular a very large archive of messages posted on the "Cindy and Joe" web club from 1999 up to the present. There are also some "how to do it" articles and two stories written by Cindy. These pages also contain some information about making erotic pictures for posting on the Internet.

Pictures - There are some 350 Cindy pictures organized in 17 albums. The unique thing about Cindy pictures is that they all have captions which help to tell the sexy stories being depicted by the pictures.

Videos - There are approx. 251 MB of MPEG files with 38 minutes of video on this site. NB. Due to bandwidth considerations the video clips are not available all of the time. If they are not available then come back later.

All of the material on this web site is copyright 1995-2006 by Cindy Manlove.
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